Basic Tune-Up (pre-race favorite) - $30

Clean and lube chain, adjust shifting and brakes, wipe down frame, and wheel truing (major wheel truing will be additional cost)

Annual Tune-Up - Geared Bike $50
Adjust gears and brakes, drive train and frame cleaning. True the wheels, adjust hubs, headset, and bottom bracket if necessary.       

Total Overhaul - $100 
Bike stripped down to frame. The hubs, headset,  bottom bracket, drivetrain, and brakes are cleaned, properly adjusted and lubricated. Brakes are inspected and adjusted. The bicycle frame is completely cleaned and polished.   
Flat Tire Repair - $13
Remove tire and tube, diagnose cause, replace tube, reinstall tire. (price includes new tube)      

Bicycle Assembly - $30
Basic assembly and tuning. 

Wheel Truing - $10/Wheel 
Trued Laterally and Radially with proper tension.      

Drive Train Overhaul  - $45
Adjust gears and replace cables/housing. (price includes cables and housing, brake cable and housing additional $15)

Bicycle Shipping - $30 + shipping cost
We provide the box and carefully disassemble, package, and ship your bike. Insurance is optional and would be at extra cost.

Misc. Repairs / Adjustments
All other repairs and/or adjustments, i.e. stuck bottom bracket or pedals, frame or fork adjustments will be charged a labor rate of $30 per hour ($15 minimum) 

* All items include labor unless otherwise stated.

* Prices do not include sales tax

* Payment is due at the time of pickup, items not picked up within 14 days will be charged an additional $1/day, items not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned.

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